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Gone Are The Days When You Had Sagged Skin

Giving birth to a baby is tough but the more tough part is to see the uglier truth and after affects of pregnancy such as loosening of skin from face and body. However, parts of body can be easily hidden through clothes but one cannot hide sagginess on face, which made me look like 50 at the age of 25. Nevertheless, SILHOUETTE SOFT 16 CONES helped me get rid of voluminous skin in only a few days. Also helped me to improve my skin’s plumpness – that’s the reason why I chose SILHOUETTE SOFT 16 CONES.

Pregnancy is a difficult phase of any woman’s life and varies from person to person. Similarly, after pregnancy effects are different for every woman. Some see drastic changes on their body and skin while others see minor or no change in their skins health.

Well, I was the one who had to suffer from a lot of after pregnancy effects as soon as I gave birth to my first baby. My face started to lose skin at an intensively extremely level. Within just 40 days after birth, I started looking 10 years older than my age.

Clearly, for any woman, it can be depressing and so was for me. I consulted to three skin doctors and they recommended me to not take any medications or treatment until my lactation period gets over.

The wait was long and made me depress for several months but after two years, I was concerned about my skin and thought of a better remedy than medication as it’s a very slow process have barely shows any results.

My dermatologist recommended me to try cosmetic surgery for skin uplifting from SILHOUETTE SOFT®. I had to do my research before trusting blindly on any treatment. And I made one which turned out to be pretty positive for me.

I purchased the product from an online store and got myself done with SILHOUETTE SOFT 16 CONES cosmetic surgery and within just 25 days I was able to see the results. This surgery works on sutures which are incorporated into the skin for lifting. They are made dissolvable so once the surgery is over there is no need for threads to be taken out of the skin.

Well, the initially phase was scary because of my earlier phobia from needles and syringes but when the surgery started, I just couldn’t feel any pain. Yes, there was bruising and numbing in the starting days after the treatment but it soon went away.

My recovery time was 25 to 27 days but it may vary from person to person and some people might get lucky and can show recovery within just 7 10 days. After 30 days, my skin texture completely changed. Now I had no sagginess or dry skin issues. Overall, the results were great. If you want to see the results yourself, then visit this page to see Silhouette Soft results.

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